FARRACY, Wayne Paul

The Funeral Service for Mr. Wayne Paul Farracy will be held at the Memorial Parlor 123 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine on Friday (October 7) commencing at 2pm.

A Private Cremation will follow.

Some don’t like to talk about death, some are afraid of it and some don’t understand it.

Others are comfortable with death and dying, others understand it and others are able to accept it.

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Memorial Glass

We are excited to announce that we are now able to provide memorial glass domes. These are made here in Victoria, a different, yet beautiful way to remember your loved one and preserve their ashes.


Centrelink does offer a variety of payments, a basic description of which is shown below.

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The Matter of Cost

The cost of the funeral is another matter which must be determined and decided upon by the executor or next of kin. Be sure to advise the funeral director if a pre-paid funeral plan is in existence for the deceased, as this will avoid any unnecessary financial expense.

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Death or Burial away from home

With more and more people travelling these days it is important to know what to do when death occurs outside of your local area. Should you encounter this situation you only need to call us. As an independent funeral director these circumstances present no difficulties as we can make arrangements anywhere in the world.

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Embalming and Viewing

What is Embalming?

Embalming is the process of chemically treating a human body in order to disinfect and preserve the body. A licensed embalmer carries out this procedure when it is required. Circumstances where embalming may be needed include:

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Coping with Grief

There is no easy way around grief. It is a natural response to the loss of someone special or something we value. Grief is not well understood in our society and some people try to deny it, postpone it or avoid it. Basically, however, someone close to you has died, there will be big and small adjustments which have to be made in your life.

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We have become accustomed to the fact that matters in law control our lives to a very great extent, but in death it is probably more so. We are prone to put off doing things or preferring to ignore them, perhaps with an ostrich like attitude, matters that should be attended to now. Let us examine some of the things which can be done, especially if we are beginning to realize we are approaching twilight years.

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The Funeral Arrangements

From the very first call, our trained and experienced staff are here to help. It is at this time that we will relieve you of many of the burdens associated with funeral arrangements. If the funeral has been pre-arranged or the wishes of the deceased are known, much of the decision making will be avoided.

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