We have become accustomed to the fact that matters in law control our lives to a very great extent, but in death it is probably more so. We are prone to put off doing things or preferring to ignore them, perhaps with an ostrich like attitude, matters that should be attended to now. Let us examine some of the things which can be done, especially if we are beginning to realize we are approaching twilight years.

Legal Documents – such as wills, life assurance policies, title deeds or any important documents should be kept in a safe place – but not a secret place. At lease one responsible personal should be informed of their location. A will is revoked by a subsequent marriage, therefore a new will should be made after re-marriage.

Bank Accounts – joint accounts are preferable in the case of husbands and wives, otherwise an account could be “frozen” for a period of time. Bequeathing of the Body or Parts of it to Science – persons so desirous should make arrangements usually by completing a form of authority available from the relevant hospital or university. Once again, it should not a be “secret” and somebody close, preferably the next of kin, should be informed in order for the recipient source to be notified at the appropriate time.

A Pre-arranged Funeral – is possible. All the information and details will be supplied freely upon request. Actually it is a way of making arrangements in a calm and unemotional atmosphere. It also assures to you that you have the funeral that you want.

Probate and Death Duties – needless expense and sometimes hardship to families can be relieved by proper pre-planning – a legal authority specializing in that type of problem should be consulted – it is a highly specialized matter today.

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