SMITH, Jake Darren

1995 – 2020. Beloved Son of Jamie Smith and Leanne Davey. Brother to Trent, Tyson (dec) and Matt. Uncle to Tahlia, Tyler, Lexi and Darci. Extended family of Lisa, Ricci, Kylie, Zach and Lily.

Forever in our hearts, we will always miss you.

“Too fast to live, too young to die.”

A Private Funeral Service will be held at the Werribee Mansion.

One Comment on “SMITH, Jake Darren

  1. Don’t think he of him as gone away
    his journeys just begun
    life holds so many facets,
    this earth is only one.

    Just think of him as resting
    from the sorrows and the tears
    in a place of warmth and comfort
    where there are no days or years

    think how he must be wishing
    that we could know today
    how nothing but our sadness
    can really pass away

    and think of him as living
    in the hearts of those he touched
    for nothing loved is ever lost
    and he was loved so much

    I’m always thinking of you all
    Leanne, Jamie and Trent, Jake and Tyson you where my family when I had none with Aunty Sue, Nazz, Anthony and Amber. Jake and Tyson will be forever in our hearts with all the loved ones That we have lost as long as we remember them it’s there they will remain. Xxx

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