Pre-arranging and Pre-paying your own Funeral.

Some don’t like to talk about death, some are afraid of it and some don’t understand it.

Others are comfortable with death and dying, others understand it and others are able to accept it.

Everybody is different and deals with situations in many different way. Death is a normal and natural part of life. We are born into this world, and eventually there comes a time that we need to exit this beautiful world.

Many leave this world sooner than others and some live to see their lives capacity. Death can occur in many different ways such as suddenly, unexpected, planned and most of all, peacefully.

Some loved ones pass away in the hands of their nearest and dearest and others choose to be alone.

Thompson Family Funerals offers a pre-arrangement option. This option allows you to sit in the comfort of your own space with a member of our trusted and professional staff and explain just exactly what your final wishes are.

Pre-arranging your own Funeral means that your records are kept on file at Thompson Family Funerals and should the time occur of your passing, we can carry out your wishes, and honour you with a Funeral just as you wanted.

It is important to have these arrangements in place as this takes the pressure off your family and friends should they ever need to make arrangements for you. You can talk to us about your favourite music, photos, poems, what clothes you wish to be dressed in at the presence of your passing. You may also like to write your own eulogy.

Pre-payment is also an option when pre-arranging your own Funeral. This option means that your Funeral is already paid for and your family are not left with the financial burden of paying for your Funeral. Payment plans are available from as little as $25 per month.

If you have any questions in relation to pre-arranging and pre-paying your Funeral, please call Thompson Family Funerals on (03) 5472 2202 or visit our friendly staff within our office at 123 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine. Our staff are equipped to answer any questions asked and give you peace of mind information.

We are the family caring for your family.

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