The Matter of Cost

The cost of the funeral is another matter which must be determined and decided upon by the executor or next of kin. Be sure to advise the funeral director if a pre-paid funeral plan is in existence for the deceased, as this will avoid any unnecessary financial expense.

Options and preferences vary, as do financial circumstances, but in general, the costs of a funeral is determined by the quality of the merchandise selected by the family and the extent of the services provided by the funeral director. There are five main components in the cost of a funeral. These are:

  1. Cost of the Casket: Like all reputable funeral directors, we offer a large and varied selection of caskets so that we can meet the needs of all Рfrom simple veneered particle board to solid or carved timber. Prices vary according to quality of materials, design and construction.
  2. Additional Payments: The Funeral Director must pay certain fees and charges on or before the day of the funeral or have them charged to the funeral company’s accounts. Such costs may include flowers, church fees, medical fees for the issuing of cremation certificates, newspaper notices, clergy honorarium, musicians, order of service sheets, etc.
  3. The Service Fee: The service fee is designed to cover all of the funeral directors costs. Such costs include providing trained personnel, being available to serve 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every day of the year, salaries and wages, facility and vehicle expenses, administration costs, insurances, rates and all the overhead costs which apply to any other business.
  4. Burial: Involves the purchase of a grave site or crypt, the right of interment, opening/ closing fees and maintenance. This is normally purchased from the cemetery with the assistance of a Funeral Director. Costs will vary depending upon the cemetery. Cremation: Involves the cost of conducting the cremation, preparing the cremated remains and at most crematoria, a fee hire of the chapel. We make these arrangements for you. We will contact you to arrange for memorialisation or collection of the cremated remains.
  5. Memorialisation Costs: Memorialisation consists of a large variety of choices such as plaques, headstones or monuments and cost will depend upon individual budget, selection of burial, cremation or crypt and any religious considerations. As with Burial or Cremation arrangements our staff can organize contact with the Cemetery or Crematorium to purchase a memorial.

Regardless of what type of funeral you decide upon you will find that our complete services offer alternatives to meet your wishes and to suit your means. We are capable of providing any type of service desired, from simple low cost services to the more elaborate, traditional or something different. We are proud to say that no family is ever denied our help.

We aim to be of service to everyone, people from every walk of life and people of every religious belief. The person responsible for paying the funeral account is the one who signs the authorization for the funeral to be conducted. A pre-paid funeral plan will eliminate or reduce costs at the time of arranging a funeral, depending on the type of contract.

Naturally, RSL and pensioner discounts do apply. If you wish to discuss funeral costs in more specified detail, please feel free to contact us. We are always available for advice and there is never any obligation on your part.

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