Embalming and Viewing

What is Embalming?

Embalming is the process of chemically treating a human body in order to disinfect and preserve the body. A licensed embalmer carries out this procedure when it is required. Circumstances where embalming may be needed include:

  • A longer than average delay between death and funeral.
  • Transfer of deceased overseas or even interstate.
  • Above ground burials in a crypt or vault.

If you have any questions about embalming or other mortuary procedures our qualified embalmer is always willing to discuss these matters with you.

Should there be a viewing?

Viewing the deceased is a very personal decision. This can be a very emotional time, however, in our experience we have seen many benefits. A viewing not only helps the bereaved to face the reality of death but is also allows for quiet times of reflection and goodbyes.

Most viewings are held at our parlor with staff available to offer support should you wish to take up this opportunity.

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