Accidental or Sudden Death

In cases where a doctor is unable to determine the cause of death, it is necessary for the coroner to be notified – the police do this. The police prepare a report for the coroner who then seeks to determine the cause of death by contacting the doctor of the deceased or requesting a pathologist to inspect the body and carry out an autopsy.

The coroner usually becomes involved with the following deaths:

  • A person who has not seen a doctor in the last three months.
  • Unexpected deaths in hospital.
  • Deaths due to suicide, homicide, poisoning or drug overdose.
  • Deaths due to fire or accident.
  • Deaths that occur at the persons place of employment.
  • Deaths of persons accommodated or retained in government institutions. •
  • Deaths caused by road accident. •
  • Death in a public place.

We will liaise with the coroner’s department on your behalf.

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