Services we Provide

Few people realize the extent of a funeral director’s service. It begins when we are first called, and ends only when we are satisfied that the ceremony is as perfect and complete as we can make it, and the wishes of the family are fully met. Approximately forty hours of time is taken in order to professionally arrange and conduct every funeral. The following is a general list of services we are able to provide each family:

  • Twenty-four hour service every day of the year
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death to our premises
  • Transport, if required, to our office for the arrangement planing
  • Arrangement planning with trained, confident funeral staff
  • Use of modern arrangement conference facilities, including unhurried selection of desired casket
  • Arranging with Cemetery or Crematorium for selection of gravesite
  • Re-opening of family grave or crematorium time
  • Attending to Church requirements for all denominations
  • Notification of cemetery chaplain of time of arrival at cemetery
  • Advice on format and lodging of press notices for local, state and interstate newspapers; and radio announcements
  • Arranging a Lodge, Returned Services or a Fire Brigade Service.
  • Arranging to pay on client’s behalf; Cemetery Fee’s, Press Notices, Clergy Offerings & Organist.
  • Arranging Floral Tributes for family
  • Arranging for medical certificates
  • Use of Parlor and private family viewing
  • Transport for family to and from funeral
  • The attendance and attention of trained Funeral Directors and efficient and courteous staff
  • The use of prestige funeral vehicles
  • Use and provision of flag for casket
  • Use of simulated grass matting at graveside
  • Collection and return of Floral Tribute Cards
  • Removal and mounting of Crucifix, if desired
  • Consultation for all Monumental work
  • Registration of Death with Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
  • Arranging for Memorials for cremated remains
  • Advice of Death to Centrelink, Veterans Affairs, Vicroads, Medicare and other Government agencies as required
  • Arranging for collection of Bank Accounts as required by executor
  • Safe-keeping of Cemetery Title Deeds and receipts
  • Collecting copies of Death Certificates for Insurance claims and Estate
  • Provision of P.A. system for use with CD, DVD, Video, Cassette and Recording of service
  • Tearoom and Courtyard for after Funeral reception
  • Prompt Efficient Service

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