Funeral Insurance

Anyone can join – any person between 11 and 55 years of age may join this fund, subject to medical and health conditions.  In many cases each member of a family can obtain cover for a total family cost of a few dollars per week.

Unlike other funeral insurance funds, Sureplan guarantees to :

1. Pay the nominated benefit selected at the time of acceptance (even if death occurs the day after acceptance)
2. Never increase the premium payable.

Full immediate cover – you are covered from the date of acceptance for the full nominated amount for both accidental death and death caused by natural causes, even if death occurs the day after acceptance
Lifetime cover – You only pay until the age of 60 years, but your benefit continues for a lifetime.

Premiums are guaranteed never to rise – the amount you pay will always remain the same. As you pay premiums until age 60, and premiums are guaranteed to never rise, you can save literally thousands in comparison to other funeral insurance funds.